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Why are some businesses closed on Mondays? [The real reasons]

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Have you ever walked into a business, store, or a restaurant and figured out that the open sign is not lit up? Have you ever become dissatisfied by the fact that some businesses are not available on certain days of the week? Phones are ringing and are left unanswered. Lights are off, and doors are closed. The 40 or 50 hours a week we work in an office, shop or any other place is what makes our living. So why are some businesses closed on Mondays? It is one of the most common questions that most of us have. This has even led to certain customers getting dissatisfied with the service that the business offers. Let us find out reasons for certain businesses to close on Mondays. 

There are a large number of reasons for certain businesses to close on Mondays. Modern businesses are willing to provide their employees time off for employees to encourage better work-life balance. Lack of employees to work on a shift basis, low sales, and minimal competition have also led businesses to be closed on Mondays. Moreover, keeping your business closed on Mondays will allow the business to engage in mundane activities. 

Reasons for some of the businesses to close down on Mondays 

The core purpose of most businesses is to understand and cater to customer needs and preferences. The business needs to ensure that they do it in a profitable manner, as well.

Customer satisfaction also plays an important role in a business’s success. The business needs to be able to satisfy its customers by surpassing their needs and wants. It is the main indicator of long term customer loyalty and retention, as well.

Furthermore, businesses also need to balance maintaining all the expenses and keeping the doors of your business open for customers.

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Find out below some reasons for businesses to close on Mondays.

  • Providing time off for the employees

The needs of employees also play a vital role in the long term success of the business. Having a day off for employees will create a conducive environment where the employees enjoy work. Employee motivation and rejuvenation will enhance through it.

Moreover, employees will have time to spend with their family and loved ones, which will be useful for their mental health. For most of the businesses, the sales are right on weekends. Hence, they tend to make Monday a day off for their employees. 

  • Lack of national competition for the business

If your business plays in an industry where every day, every minute means revenue to you, then you will have to consider keeping your doors open every day for maintaining growth and targeted sales.

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The business will have to be free for customers all seven days of the week. However, in the case of a small business where you do not have intense competition, it would be different. You can consider keeping your business closed on Mondays after two days of hard work. 

  • Work-life balance of employees will lead to long-term business success 

By giving a day off for employees will help them to build a better work-life balance. Work-life balance is a crucial aspect of a healthy work environment. It will give the employees time to spend with their families and loved ones.

Also, it will eventually reduce stress, anxiety, and burnouts in the workplace. Moreover, it will increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and develop a healthy and happy workforce.

Furthermore, it will increase motivation and commitment, ultimately leading to business success and expected profits. Quality of the service the business gives will strongly depend on the quality of life we provide to the employees. 

  • Most of the businesses tend to close on Mondays due to low and slow sales 

Most people tend to go out for vacations, dinners, and other events on the weekend.

Saturdays and Sundays are two busiest days to restaurants as many people are coming in for dining. Friday night can also be quite busy as people are ending a hard week of office work. Monday will be a day with comparatively fewer sales as people are getting ready and starting a new week.

In other words, Mondays can be the slowest day of the week. With that in mind, restaurants and certain other businesses prefer keeping their outlets closed on Mondays. The same concept is applicable for businesses like bars and theatres as well. 

  • Businesses require a day to look at their mundane and administrative activities

Businesses who are available for customers on weekends tend to keep their offices closed on Mondays. Most of the businesses use these Mondays as their inventory day. Any business needs to have a specific day of each week to look after their mundane activities.

Businesses can use this day to analyze their inventory levels and understand any gaps. They can fill these gaps on Monday and prepare themselves better to make sales of the week.

A day off also allows businesses to engage in certain activities such as repairs without interrupting the service. Also, it will help the business to provide a break to the equipment working continuously.

Planning staff events and other activities can also be done on Mondays.  

  • Lack of staff to work on a shift basis 

The absence of employees to work on a shift basis is another reason businesses close on Mondays. When weekends run with maximum capacity with all the employees, there can be a situation where the business runs out of employees to work on Mondays. Hence, a business must have employees willing to work on a shift to keep the business running on Mondays. 

  • Keeping the business open for extended hours during weekends 

One other reason for keeping certain businesses closed on Mondays is that they work on extended hours during the weekend. So this is mainly because weekends are the peak days of the week for most of the businesses.

The businesses can make an additional sale and bump up any revenue you can achieve by working on extra hours during the weekend.

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However, businesses also need to focus on the flip side of the coin. Imagine if no business is open on Monday. Then you have the opportunity to capture that sale and gain a competitive edge. 

  • Keeping the business close on Mondays will save certain cost 

Keeping your business closed on the slowest day of the week will reduce certain costs incurred. Payroll expenses, the operational cost for the day that does not bring a significant portion of revenue, can be minimized. 

  • Enhances employee loyalty

Monday closing policy of a business can attract quality employees to the business. This is mainly because they know they have a guaranteed one day off for the week. With all the pressures faced by modern employees, the day off would make a difference. 

Why Monday but not any other day of the week?

Below are some of the reasons why most of the businesses specifically choose Monday to close down. 

  • Weekends are usually associated with freedom and closeness. So most of the people tend to go out on vacations or for dining with their loved ones. In the real-life scenario, it is unlikely that people go out on Monday after a weekend for lunch, dinner, or even vacations as Monday will be the first day of the week where they will start going to work after the weekend. 
  • Statistically speaking, Monday to Friday usually consider as the busiest days of the week for any individual who is engaging in some kind of a job. Most of the working people try to catch up on the work they missed during the past week on Monday. They will stay in the office on Mondays and plan the work for the week ahead of them. Hence they will hardly have any time to go out on Mondays.
  • Tuesday to Friday, are all working days where there will be little or no time for any free time at work. Wednesdays also consider the busiest day of the week, and there will be many deadlines towards the end of the week. Hence Wednesday will be the day with many meetings outside the office to prepare for those deadlines. Employees will also engage in various business operations outside the office these days. Everyone will try to finish up the work before Friday, which will make Thursday even a busy day at work. The busy schedule from Tuesday to Friday will give opportunities for businesses to engage in more sales than Monday. 

Most businesses need to be open on all days of the week. However, due to the above reasons, out of the other days of the week, Monday will be suitable for businesses to keep close.

Some of the most common examples for businesses that close on Mondays are restaurants and bars. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on businesses closing on certain days of the week.

  1. Why are most of the Italian restaurants and shops closed on Mondays?

    One of the most common reasons for small Italian businesses to close down is the lack of staff to rotate shifts. This is because they are small family-owned businesses. Most of the other shops in Italy are also closed on Monday mornings. Sunday is a day that most of the Italians use to explore. Hence, Monday, most of the shops and restaurants tend to keep close. 

  2. Why are most of the Chinese restaurants closed on Mondays?

    Most of the restaurants, not just Chinese close on Mondays because the busiest days for them are Friday, Saturday, and Monday. To give the employees, they usually close down on Mondays. Chinese restaurants tend to close on Mondays, as most of them are family-owned businesses and run traditionally. The owner of the business is usually the manager, and the family members work in the restaurant.

  3. What can a business owner do on Mondays?

    The owners of the business can replenish inventory and do a stock count. They can also get everything prepared for the next week on Monday. Also, you can use Monday to engage in all your payroll related activities. Moreover, they can discuss any existing gaps in the business and what needs to be done to overcome those identified issues. Marketing and promotion activities can plan on Mondays for the week and month ahead. 


There can be many situations where you will not be able to purchase what you want from a store or enjoy your favorite meal from a restaurant. You might feel bad and dissatisfied because certain businesses are closed on Mondays or certain other days of the week.

The key reasons businesses keep closed on Mondays are low sales, lack of competition, and employees’ absence to work on a shift basis. Moreover, companies are willing to provide their employees a day off to maintain a successful work-life balance. 

Even though these businesses are closed, you can take the solace because they shut down due to a good and correct reason. In brief, it can explain as ‘One day of the week less makes a drastic difference in the business.’

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