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How to start a makeup artist business from home – [Steps]

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When you run a business, you have more control and freedom in your work schedule. So, is it easy to start your own business? Absolutely not! Among other businesses, there are many opportunities to follow a makeup artist into the art of hair and makeup. You can be your boss and build up a business in makeup artistry as a person. You have the freedom to choose your clients, your makeup jobs, and decide pay rates. However, like many other makeup artists, you should make yourself stand out from the rest. This article aims to direct you on how to start a makeup business from home, not only as an artist but also as a successful businessman. Let’s start!

Sharpen your knowledge and skill to become a talented makeup artist

Being able to do your makeup is not enough to start a makeup artist business. You need to have a proper understanding and experience of the subject.

Makeup artist career deals with hair and skin. Therefore, it is vital to have a basic knowledge of skin types and the tools’ use. Formal education may not be necessary, but it will be an added advantage if you have that.

Many professional artists have certifications that prove their experience, education, and background. To compete with them in the makeup artist job market, be ready. Many makeup artist schools give both online and offline lessons and courses.

To become a professional makeup artist who keeps up with the trends and techniques, keep updating your knowledge, skills, and experience. Your reputation as a makeup artist will standout with such professional qualifications.


If you haven’t any idea about “where can I qualify as a makeup artist?” We have a small guide below.

Makeup artist schools and online courses in the USA

The list includes the best makeup artist schools and few online courses to earn a professional qualification before starting a career. These institutions listed are offering a range of courses related to hair and makeup. Apart from enrolling in an institution, you can follow a renowned online makeup artist course to acquire the qualifications.

  1. Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

This institute provides quality education and exposure to become an outstanding makeup artist. Award-winning makeup artists deliver lectures there who will share their knowledge and experience as professionals. This licensed makeup artistry school offers makeup courses, classes, and workshops. For more information, check their website.

  1. Beauty Schools of America

This institute offers a range of courses related to hair and makeup and also related to skincare. They have short and long term courses. They prepare you to meet the state of Florida’s mandated requirements for becoming a licensed makeup artist in the States. Check out their programs.

  1. Chic Studios School of Makeup, LA, and NY

This school is based in Los Angeles and also in New York offers many courses related to makeup artistry and fashion techniques. These courses are for beginners and professionals both who are into makeup artist jobs. You can check their courses.

  1. BOCA Beauty academy

The program offered by this institute prepares its students to succeed in the makeup artist career. Their makeup artistry course includes practical sessions, cutting-edge techniques, and insightful lectures. For more information.

  1. AOFM’s New York Creative Specialist Certificate in Makeup Artistry

The Academy of Freelance Makeup offers this course in New York for students who wish to become freelance makeup artists. If you dream of becoming a backstage makeup artist or creating cutting-edge makeup looks for fashion editorials, take this course.

They offer unlimited aftercare classes and also direct you for backstage placements and many international opportunities. Check their course.

  1. QC Makeup Academy – Online course

This well renowned online makeup course starts from the basics and reaches advanced professional techniques. It takes only two months to complete their basic curriculum.

They have a range of courses, including bridal makeup, hair styling, special FX makeup, and many more. You can become certified to work in many art jobs as a bridal makeup artist, special effect makeup artist, hairstylist, etc.

They offer complimentary business units to encourage you in entrepreneurial pathways. If you are planning to start a freelance makeup business, this is an excellent course to enroll.

  1. VIZIO Makeup Academy – Online course

Visio online makeup courses offer exciting courses to become a professional makeup artist. They include their professional makeup kit in selected courses. Students will receive their professional makeup kit within the first few days after enrollment.

When you complete this course successfully, you can become a certified makeup artist. Students who complete all required makeup courses full filling the Vizio requirements will receive professional makeup artistry certification. This is the link to their website.

Apart from the institutes and online courses mentioned above, there are many other well-recognized programs. Make sure to go through the course content, student reviews, terms and conditions, and certification before enrolling in a course.

Not only that but also, there are hundreds of video tutorials on the internet for you to watch and learn.

While having a formal education, you can learn through those online sources as well. Make a wise investment to improve and polish your knowledge, skills, and experience to start a successful makeup business.

Prepare to start a makeup artist business

Proper education and certification are not enough to start a successful makeup artist business.

It would be best if you analyzed your skillset. Think about your most strong skills and understand the aspects that you need to improve. Identify how you can give a better service than the other artists.

Other Skills

Apart from the educational qualifications, skills, and experience, there are other skills to practice.

Organizational skills are fundamental when you are building up a professional business. It would be best if you could manage your time. You indeed have more freedom and control over time as an artist.

But, make sure not to misuse that freedom. Manage your time productively if you want to succeed in the business with a good profit turnover. Being your boss requires lots of organizing and management.

Work ethics

Work ethics are essential when it comes to the makeup artist business.

The relationship between the artist and clients highly depends on work ethics. Let’s say that you are a wedding makeup artist. If you maintain excellent work ethics with your first client, then only she will recommend you to others.

That is how you could build up your client list. Otherwise, it will not be easy for you to build up a good clientele. It is all about being honest and passionate about your job.

Online Presence

It is vital to maintain your online makeup artistry portfolio. It should be attractive and inserting to catch a person searching to hire a makeup artist.

  • Social Media

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and youtube platforms are viral among artists and your clients.

You can do research, what platforms are most popular among your audience. If you do that, you can identify some of the media and promote your business.

Now you need to create business profiles on those social media platforms one by one and optimize those to build your online presence. You can use hashtags, small videos, stunning photos, etc. if you don’t know how to optimize your business profiles, you can refer to plenty of online resources for how to job get done. 

  • Start a blog 

Building a website for your business is also important to gain your online presence. In your blog, you can share makeup tips, styles, guides, product reviews, etc. it also helps you connect with your customers. 

  • Create GMB profile

Google my business is a free service offered by Google.

As they say:

“With a Google My Business Account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.”

Getting Started with Your Makeup Kit Box

You cannot practice as a professional makeup artist if you do not have the tool kit with you.


A makeup artist needs to maintain a makeup kit box. Building your makeup kit box is not quite cheap. It is kind of a huge investment.

A professional artist kit needs quality products and tools to do a professional job. Also, it is crucial to give a satisfactory service to your client.

The color palettes, brushes, skincare products, and cleaning items are essential for every appointment. Organizing your kit is a real challenge but a perfect learning process too.

There are ways to keep costs low while maintaining product quality. Many drugstores, too, have quality products at lower prices. Go for them when possible.

However, make sure to include specific products that match with different skin types and requirements of your clients. Luckily for beginners, any courses offer them makeup kit boxes to use in their practices. Therefore, you will know what to include in your makeup kit box.

How much does your makeup artist business make?

How much do makeup artists make? It can be challenging to decide your prices when you start your business. It is you who sets up your value.

If you charge low prices, one may think that you are not offering professional work, though you have talent. That is how human psychology works. And, if you charge too much, also you will lose clients.

The best thing is to do adequate background research on prices offered by other peer artists. Typing ‘makeup artist jobs near me’ or ‘makeup artist near me’ in your search engine will help you in this research.

Reddit freelance news platform is also handy in researching the job role’s behavior. You can use it to search for news and ideas related to the art jobs for makeup artists. This research will give you a rough guide when deciding on prices.

A professional makeup artist with an outstanding portfolio and experience in the industry will obviously charge higher prices than a beginner. Therefore, keep in mind your strengths and experiences when comparing and deciding on a price.

For beginners, take any trustworthy job even if the client pays less. Collecting experience is essential for your future business.

As you grow as a makeup artist, you have the chance to increase your charges. You can decide whether to show your prices on your online business pages or to price jobs individually.


If you dream of starting a makeup artist business, you need to be passionate and eager to try new ideas. Get inspired by renowned makeup artists, practice their techniques, and keep developing skills to build up your unique style.

An artist who is one step ahead of new trends in makeup will lead the competition. Just circling in your comfort zone will not take you to places.

Clients want you to give them the latest trends and techniques. Therefore, keep learning and practicing.

You may be a professional makeup artist who has so much experience, but this art is always changing. Therefore, there is still something new to learn and try out.

If you continue to maintain enthusiasm in this art, you will be a successful makeup artist with a nice income.

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