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10 Small Business Ideas For Teenagers & College Students

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Teenage life is not easy. You get interested in many things, you get the urge to buy this and that, and even you want to look and do a little higher than your friends.

So, sometimes Parent’ given pocket money isn’t always sufficient.

Today we summarized a few of the best ways which you could earn being a teenager.

Keep on reading to know ten of the best small business ideas for you.

  1. Selling creative design ideas online
Selling creative design ideas online

This business is very easy to start. All you have to do is sign up on an online platform that allows selling various design ideas. One of such is TeeSpring.

No need to be creative or artistic; you have to design eye-catchy and trendy designs for things like mugs, T-shirts, or any other piece of article and upload.

People will buy designs and pay for them, while TeeSpring will do everything else, such as printing and shipping. The profit will be all yours.

  1. Videography

For this, you need camera skills and extra time you can spend. You can start small and work your way through the community. Videotape events, edit and make them look gorgeous, and deliver to the customers. 

You can charge how much work you did base on time spent or offer fixed-priced packages. This is a great way to earn or start a videography business if you’re a camera expert. 

If you can build up a name and popularity for yourself on sites like social media, people will start reaching you to hire you for work, feeling confident? Then start working now!

  1. Sell your photos online
Sell photos online

Do you have a camera? Or a smartphone? Are you engrossed in capturing beautiful sceneries? Yes? Then this idea works for you. 

If you’re a photo addict, right at this moment, you have money-making assets in your possession. Use them, sell them online. Platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Alamy, Etsy are the best online market places where you can sell your photos online. 

Be creative. Be smart. Your pockets will be filled.

  1. Starting a handmade craft shop
handmade craft

This is more of a girly business, but even boys can do it. If you have the skills to make things by hand, then start a small shop in the corner of your house itself. 

It could be Bookmarks, Key chains, Jewelry, Headbands, or Candles and soap. If you could add a variety of collections, it’s much better. 

Run the word around your friends and neighbors, and they will come to buy knick-knacks they want. You could do this as a hobby and not only among your friends; consider selling them online too.

  1. Freelance writing
Freelance writing

The world is moving fast, and people don’t even have time to write their bio-data or applications. Millions of webpage owners search for writers, people higher others to write short stories and novels. 

If you’re good at writing in English or any other language, you can start earning as a freelance writer. Fiverr, UpWork or connects buyers with freelancers. 

All you need is good thinking, and writing skills topped up with creativity and a little spare time. This idea is guaranteed to bring you the extra notes you’re looking for.

  1. Graphic designing and logo creation
logo creation

Graphics and logo creation is a career itself. People are willing to pay for unique logos, comic novels, Web icons, or even Instagram Highlights covers.

If you know how to use software like Photoshop and CorelDraw, an entire internet crowd is ready to buy your service. Working as a freelancer, you can do this from home and attract customers from sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

You can work your way up from $3 to hundreds for one design. All you have to do is present excellent and unique designs, and we assure you, you will be richer than your friends.

  1. Being a live-streaming gamer
live-streaming gamer

There are numerous interactive games that teens play nowadays, and no need to list them down; you already know what they are. 

Teens spend hours at their computers playing with friends. So make use of these hours you pass gaming to earn a few digits. Did you know that you can get donations or tips from the fans you make? 

You can do this through twitch tv, mixer, youtube, or Facebook. By adding subscriptions for fans and allowing ads are other ways you could earn while live-streaming.

  1. Tech support
Tech support

Computers and technical gadgets are trends in today’s world. Despite the age, Technology has grabbed everyone in its grasp. But, not all are good at Technology. 

If you’re a tech expert, consider yourself lucky. You’re going to turn your talent into a business. 

People can call you to get your support, and you can help solve their tech problems, such as setting up computers, Installing systems and other software, Virus removal, and what not? You can charge for your service. 

No kidding, you can earn high profits from this.

  1. Blogging

Good at writing? Start your website on any topic you’re interested in. Or many topics rather than one.

Wondering how to earn by blogging? Let us tell you how!

You can make money through product sales, promotions, ads, affiliate marketing, or other methods. The amount you earn will increase with the time and how many viewers you get. 

So it’s up to you to make good click baits and create the website more attractive to viewers. This is not an expressway to earn money. 

If you’re in an emergency, it’s not the method for you. But if you have the patience and dedication to run a website, then believe us, this is a great way to earn some serious money as a teenager.

  1. Academic tutoring
Academic tutoring

Being a teenager, what you do most of your life is learning. You might excel in certain areas or subjects. 

So use your specialty and tutor other students. They don’t necessarily have to be your age. If they are younger, tutoring will be easier for them. You can do house visits or tutor at home. 

If you could gather around a few youngsters, you can even start group classes and get paid for the total number of hours or classes. All you need is knowledge in a particular area and patience to teach someone what you know.


These are 10 of the great ideas for teenagers to make money. So what would you choose? It doesn’t have to be just one; you can interconnect many ideas to earn more. The smarter you are, the higher you earn.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and share this with your friends.

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