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50 Recession-proof business 2021 [You can do part-time]

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If you are an employee in a company, you are most likely to get your salary, at least the basic, until the company bankrupts. There are recession-proof jobs, but only until it takes its turn. But if you are a business person, a considerable risk is on the surface when it comes to individual businesses. But there is good news. Even during a crisis, human beings cannot live without, or function without certain supplies and services. Here is a recession-proof business 2021 guide that can put you on a float without sinking in times of trouble.

The year 2020 is a lot of things. Talks are going on about an ongoing recession, and people now wonder what to do. A recession is a high time of crisis in a given country or global economy. When there is a recession or a prediction about a downturn, the first party affected is the business industry. In times like these, it is essential to have some ideas about starting up a business that can fly through the rough winds.

What is a recession-proof business?

A recession-proof business is a strategy that does not decline with a crisis. Recession-proof industries are basically the products and services one needs despite a tight financial situation.

Generally, business industries that fulfill one’s needs are the ones that are likely to survive a recession. For instance, home services, repair services, immediate food and beverages, and sanitary items are some of the unique business ideas that can easily pass through a recession. Keep reading to find out the fantastic recession-proof business 2021 ideas for your benefit.

  1. Baby products and supplies


Baby products are one of the most demanding products in the market. Even through a crisis, a baby will not stop needing diapers, wet wipes, and baby food. As parents who have infants, they always make their baby the priority. Therefore, baby products and supplies can be an excellent marketing strategy to use during an economic recession.

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  1. Food and beverages


Food is among the three immediate needs of a human being. During a crisis, people will stop eating out and spending money on restaurant food. But they definitely have to eat. You can start up a recession proof business with immediate food requirements such as rice, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, etc.

  1. Delivery services


Mails and essential documents need to go to their destination whether or not there is a recession. Doing a courier and delivery service can be tricky. But it is crucial that you focus on products and services that require attention even during a recession. The effects of recession do typically not affect mails and other documentation delivery.

  1. Childcare services


Anything to do with children’s products and services will not go in vain. Whether there is a recession or not, breadwinners always look for work. Sometimes, it is not only the father but also the mother that works. When a situation like this arises, childcare services can be golden. If you are looking to know how to survive a recession, childcare services such as daycare can be really beneficial.

  1. Senior citizen services


When children go to work, often their elderly parents are left alone in big houses. Providing elderly care is something that can bring you some bucks as there is no investment apart from your time. If you are thinking what to do in a recession, you can contact your contact list and see who needs elderly care and offer to take care of them throughout the day. It is a service that demands a lot regardless of a crisis.

  1. Technical services


Whether we like to accept it or not, people are connected to technology in a way that we cannot detach. Therefore, having the required knowledge in technology can create a business opportunity for you. Even if you are going through a financial crisis, you can quickly learn how to make money in a recession in the technical field. It only takes your expertise in technical services that you need to invest in.

  1. Cleaning services


Cleaning services are always in demand and is one of the best recession proof investments. Even during a crisis, cleaning is essential, and you can easily surpass the challenges during a recession if you invest in cleaning services.

  1. Accounting services


Businesses use ways to cut their costs down during a recession. If you start up freelancing accounting services, you can quickly build a clientele to deliver your accounting services.

  1. Repair and maintenance


Things can break down at any time. If you are good at repairing house appliances or vehicle maintenance, you are in an excellent place to start a repair and maintenance business. If you are wondering how to profit from a recession, this industry might just be the one for you.

  1. Laundry services


Laundry services never go out of business. Smart investing during recession can take you a long way. You can easily make some money if you invest in dry cleaning and laundry services.

  1. Trash disposal


Trash disposal is among the best future business ideas in 2021. With industrial development, people find it very difficult to dispose of their trash. Therefore, investing in an industry such as this can keep you afloat during a recession.

  1. Health services


If you medically experienced and qualified, you might just want to start health services because people can get sick at any time. It is an excellent way to serve the community while earning for yourself as well. You can either set up your own medical center or provide mobile health services.

  1. Funeral services


People often do not think of funeral services. But the importance of proper funeral service is unmistakable. If you are good at organizing events, starting up funeral services can be beneficial during a crisis.

  1. Haircutting and styling


People always cut and style their hair, no matter the situation. You can adjust your pricing according to the current situation and still make a huge profit if you are good at cutting and styling hair. You might not be able to keep a high price tag on your work. But you can definitely start this during a recession.

  1. Veterinary services


Just like human beings, even animals get sick. People who have pets treat them like their own family. Therefore, when their pets get sick, they go to any extent to treat them. If you are a qualified veterinarian, you can quickly start up veterinary services and stay safe during a crisis.

  1. Online streaming


If you are good with technology, you can invest in making some video streaming techniques and have your own website make money for you. During a recession, people are less likely to go to the cinema. Therefore, you can make use of the situation and let people watch movies from home.

  1. Discount stores


During a recession, people always look for discounted items. If you can find suppliers who sell grocery items and supplies at a low price, you can keep a small profit margin and set up your own discount store.

  1. Educational services


Educational services never lose business. If you are good at tutoring or teaching, you can provide educational services to people with subjects and fields that you know. If you are wondering where to invest during recession, this might be the right place for you.

  1. Fast food


Recession or no recession, people crave a juicy burger and chips once in a way. If you feel confident regarding your cooking skills, you can make the best burger in town and still work your way out during a recession with your fast food services.

  1. Social Media enterprise


Technology has made us live in a global village. Social media is a platform that brings everyone together in a single screen. You can publish your business idea and your business profile on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and attract a massive audience through social media publishing.

  1. Bulk food sale


When economies face downwards, people tend to buy food in bulk to save for worse days. Therefore, it is one of the best recession proof business ideas to initiate during a challenging economy.

  1. Video conferencing apps


This one is for tech experts. People are using a lot of technology platforms to do their businesses nowadays. If you are good at developing apps, you can invest some time in a developing video conferencing app so people can use it to conduct their business activities.

  1. Contraceptives


Some people are skeptical about this business. But during a recession, people avoid and limit pregnancies. Therefore, you can start up a business selling contraceptives, and you can use the online platform to do so.

  1. Affordable luxury items


Luxury items may seem like a no-go zone. But having a bar of mid-level luxury chocolate during a depressed time can be beneficial. It can bring you some bucks during a recession.

  1. Agency – debt collection


You can start a debt collection agency from home. During a crisis, people tend to miss out on their liabilities. To reduce overhead payments, you can set up a small agency at home.

  1. Content marketing


People go online nowadays. People do not go around looking for paper advertisements anymore. Content marketing is one of the best ways to help your clients gain more business.

  1. Resume writing


When a country faces a crisis, people lose their jobs. At a time like that, you can make your own profit by initiating resume-writing. You will marvel at the number of resumes you get to write.

  1. Home staging


During a recession, it is difficult to sell a house. As a home stager, you can make the house look more appealing and exciting to possible buyers.

  1. Virtual assistance


It is one of the most practical ways to earn during a recession. People look forward to cost-cutting and downsizing staff during a downturn. If you are looking for learning how to start a successful business during a recession, be a virtual assistant.

  1. Food truck


When people miss eating out, you can quickly fill in the gap with your food truck. It is a mobile food service that you can take anywhere you want.

  1. Money market funds – recession proof mutual funds


When it comes to avoiding a recession, funds are inevitably popular. Money market funds provide a high degree of security at times of trouble. Buying bonds during recession can seem risky, but not if you research carefully.

  1. Bakery


Living without bakery items is next to impossible. Bakery items are among the recession proof products because people need to have some sort of bakery item frequently.

  1. Cosmetics


There are different levels of cosmetics in the market. If you are creative, you can start up a business to sell more affordable products with combo deals and discounted items and survive a recession.

  1. Tattoo parlors


People never curb on their tattoo craze. Tattoos are meaningful art and designs on a human body. One can have significant meaning or memory attached to it. Therefore, if you are a good artist, you can start up a tattoo parlor, probably with a more affordable price range.

  1. Security services


You can quickly start up a security service in order to avoid being bankrupt during a recession. People always make security and safety a priority.

  1. Wedding planning


Recession or not, people get married. You can be their affordable wedding planner that becomes their lifesaver.

  1. Food processing


If you have a farm, you can process cow’s milk, goat’s milk, or camel’s milk into cheese, ice cream, or butter and start up your own business.

  1. Pizza delivery


Pizza delivery will always have room during a recession. You will only need to adjust the pricing during a challenging time.

  1. Luxury retail


Purchasing luxury items during a recession can look bizarre. But the winning point lies if you can find discounted luxury items that you can beat the market with.

  1. Cake decorating


Not everyone can decorate a cake. If you are good at that, you probably would want to start up a business with cake decorating.

  1. Organic food


People who make health a priority will always spend money on buying organic, clean products. If you can think of a creative way to market them, you are good to go.

  1. Blogging


Blogging has been in the spotlight for some time now. It is an excellent way to get a broad audience to read what you have to say and get paid for it.

  1. Freelancing


Freelancing is using your talent to invest in a business that gives you freedom of time. You can quickly become a freelancer in your specific field, even during the recession.

  1. Data Entry


Since people are cutting down on costs and staff, you can stay at home and become a data entry operator and get paid.

  1. Coffee shops


Come what may, coffee is part of the day. You can set up a small coffee shop with come confectionaries for people to enjoy while they go to work.

  1. Pet pampering


Pet owners do not compromise on pampering their pets even during a recession. But Pet pampering is an exciting business idea which you can enjoy while making money.

  1. Thrift store


People head straight to thrift stores during a recession. They do not look for expensive items. It has been a proven success even in the past recessions.

  1. Beer, wine, and liquor


Recession does not stop a person from having an occasional beer or a glass of wine. It is one of the most profitable businesses of all time.

  1. Candy stores


Kids can be quite adamant when they want candy. They fail to understand the recession or whatsoever the problem is. Setting up an affordable, colorful candy store can be your path to success.

  1. Photography


Photographers face enough challenges regardless of the economic situation. The key to stability in such a challenging economy is a flexible adaptation and solid planning.

Did you ever want to update your portfolio? Were there vendors you wanted to try? Was there anything you were thinking to improve your website? Or Creating your own website? Were there anything your competitor doing that you were planning to do? Let’s say a Blog. Did you want to try out a new technique? This is the best period of time to try new techniques. If you are in the correct position, all the answers should be “YES”. This is the best time to implement what you were planning to do.

Same time You can have an excellent online presence. Re-think how you and your business are presented to the public strategically. Grow up your social network.

Start and maintain a viable freelance photography business that will make your situation better. Clients may have less money, but definitely, you can sell your photos in such platforms where always has a demand. Improve your current skills through online courses. This is the best time you can have in your life to stay home and invest in them.


Despite the gloomy reports from every possible news source, there are many opportunities during a period of economic recession. While things might be more problematic, it’s possible to move into a recession-proof career or build a successful recession-proof business during such a transition period. Recessions don’t affect everybody equally. If you are a victim of this crisis & looking to start a business that would guarantee peace of mind even while other businesses are facing hard times, consider any of the businesses discussed above.

You can get help from Business Financing Advisors to explore the best options to set your business ideas up for success and keep you going no matter what happens with the economy. But before venturing into any business, it’s essential to find out more about it to know the likely challenges you may face as well as other necessary information about it. You can’t control the economy, but there are things that you can handle.

There are a lot of scary things happening out there and what you can control is your attitude and actions. So You can look at this as an opportunity to make yourself better, and to do something better for your future. Explore your ideas today, and you’ll be ready to weather any financial storm.
Remember, No industry is truly “recession-proof,” but there are certain industries that are more resilient during economic downturns than others.

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