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How to start a legal transcription business from home [2021]

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Are you looking for ways to work while staying at home and earn a nice monthly income? If the answer is yes, then you can build up a business by doing remote transcription jobs.

Work-from-home jobs allow you more flexibility in your working schedule, and transcription jobs can be fun and exciting.

Who is precisely a transcriptionist? A professional transcriptionist is an expert typist who converts live or recorded audio files into text format through attentive listening. Medical, general, and legal bodies get the service of these transcriptionists.

As transcription jobs from home are popular, it is not really easy to get one online.

Starting a legal transcription business from home requires some professional experience and skills, making them more available. Therefore, if you have experience in the field, you may get a job to work from home quite easily.

Keep reading to learn more!

What includes the legal transcription business?

Legal transcription business is different from other transcriptionist businesses available to do from home.

You need to have some knowledge and background in law and legal experience. If you cannot prove your qualifications in the field, it is not likely for you to start as a legal transcriptionist business. 

Legal transcription jobs pay more as the job needs all these qualifications and knowledge. If you have no legal affairs experience, take the right course to educate yourself before applying for this job.

To have a clear understanding of the legal transcription business, let’s check the types of transcription work.

  • General transcription jobs

Normal audios, interviews, conversations, like general audio files, are transcribed under general transcription.

Those general audios typically do not include any specific, tricky terminology. Therefore anyone with transcription skills can become a general transcriptionist to work from home.

Demand for general transcription jobs from home is very high, making it difficult to get one. Data entry is the simplest job type among general transcription jobs, which requires the least amount of experience.

Usually, a data entry job does not pay much. There are lots of online data entry work from home job scams. Beware!

  • Medical transcription jobs

Similar to legal transcription jobs, medical transcription also needs some professional experience related to the medical field.

A medical transcriptionist had to convert audio records like doctors’ self-recorded audios related to patients’ medical history and observations.

Health care professionals usually speak fast and have heavy accents. Therefore, becoming a medical transcriptionist who works from home is a very responsible job.

Proper knowledge of medical terms and attention to detail are crucial to do this job properly.

  • Technical transcription jobs

Technical transcription also needs a good vocabulary in technical aspects like computers, software, hardware, etc.

Audio files related to the technical field are transcribed into books, instructions, and different other text contents.

  • Legal transcription jobs

Legal transcriptionists have to listen to audios of attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals related to the field and convert them. Among the documents are legal memorandums, agreements, motions, pleadings, correspondence, and many more.

These documents are sometimes being produced in court, which means that it carries a lot of weight.

There are two types of legal transcriptionists. Some work from home as freelance transcriptionists providing their service to legal bodies and attorneys. Some work as legal assistants, clerks, or legal secretaries in offices. 

Legal transcriptionist jobs from home allow more flexible working hours. However, this job requires a good knowledge of legal activities and proper grammar and writing skills.

Websites and Companies offering Best Transcription Jobs to work from home

When it comes to online work from home transcription jobs, you need to be careful.

Hundreds of websites offer online remote typing jobs, data entry jobs, freelance jobs, etc.

But, many scams are going on that will waste both your precious money and time. Therefore signing up with a well-recognized website or a company is very important, which will pay a fair salary for your work.

Our list includes such best websites and transcription companies which offer audio transcription jobs from home.

The list includes online employers giving online remote transcription jobs for beginners and pros.

If you are a beginner interested in starting a legal transcribing business from home, start online transcription jobs. As you gain experience and knowledge, you have a better chance of getting into legal transcribing jobs.

Explore the websites given and select what is best for you according to your expertise and experience.


Online transcription jobs for beginners

  • TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe offers online transcription jobs and transcription services.

They offer you a test before hiring for the job. If you get through the text, you can start to work with them.

They do not ask for previous experience, and there are no costs in the application process. Therefore Transcribe me is ideal to seek online transcription jobs for beginners.

It is a good platform to gather experience and know-how in transcribing jobs. For beginners, they pay $20 per audio hour.

TranscribeMe reviews show that their employees have a very satisfying experience with their at-home transcription jobs at TranscribeMe.

  • Rev Transcription

Rev Transcription services offer freelance transcription jobs to work from home all over the world.

This company has its in-house transcription editor software, making the rev transcription jobs more efficient and convenient.

They offer to transcribe both video and audio files. While a beginner transcriptionist earns $245 per month, a top pro earner reaches $1495 monthly, says Rev.

  • Quicktate

Quiktate jobs hire freelancers to transcribe voicemails, memos, etc., and medical and legal reports that need more experience.

They have jobs for both beginner transcriptionists and experts.

They transcribe audio files, which are less than 5 minutes. The applicant needs to spend $15 to do a background check and pass the test they give.

Freelancers in any country around the world can apply for a join as a transcriptionist at Quicktate. At Quicktate, you can start as a general transcriptionist, and gradually with experience, you may apply for legal transcription jobs.

  • Focus Forward transcription

Focus Forward transcription, also known as FF Transcription, give their service to many industries.

They give work from job opportunities to any independent contractors all over the world.

Transcriptionist salary starts at $0.40 per audio minute for beginners at FFTranscription, which will grow over time. Applicants need to pass the transcription test, and within 48 hours, they will get back o you with the results.

As you gain experience and skill by working at beginner transcription jobs, you can apply to become a legal transcriptionist. High typing speed, high accuracy, attention to detail, and proper terminology are crucial to becoming one.

Best websites and companies offering online legal transcriptionist jobs from home

The below list includes both websites and companies which offer legal transcriptionist jobs from home.

If you have adequate skills and knowledge, browse through the websites, and apply for remote transcription jobs.

  • Allegis transcription

This is a well-renowned company that specializes in legal transcription services to many industries. They have different clients who have different requirements.

Allegis checks your experience and skill in the legal field before hiring you as a transcriber.

They promise their clients data security, attention to detail, and accuracy in the outcome. With their experience in the transcription field since 1996, many small and large-scale businesses seek their services.

They have much work from home transcription jobs for US-based freelancers. They ask for your experience in court reporting, legal transcription, or previous advanced experience as a transcriptionist.

If you have experience as a legal assistant or paralegal, you have a fair chance of getting hired. Click here for more information about Allegistranscription.

  • Daily Transcription

Transcriptionists at Daily Transcription get work related to business, legal, and academic transcription. As a legal transcriptionist, you will have to convert court proceedings, hearings, wiretaps, depositions, and more related to legal activities.

They are hiring home-based workers who have professional experience in legal transcription jobs from home for beginners.

Daily transcription provides training videos to understand their way of work. You have to pass the Skill Assessment Test related to the field you are applying to.

However, this company does not guarantee that you will get continuous work from therm. But, their legal transcriptionist salary is quite high. Therefore, it is best to sign up with them as part-time workers.

  • Tigerfish transcription

Tigerfish is in the transcription business since 1989.

They are one of the best transcribing companies. If you need to become a transcriber here, you must submit transcribed ample documents to given audio files.

If you follow their style guide and are good at fast typing jobs with high accuracy, you may get the job. When you are applying as a legal transcriptionist, you must mention your experience in the application.

The transcriptionist salary for beginners at Tigerfish is around $6-$8 per hour for beginners, and legal transcriptionists are paid way more.

  • SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite offers jobs hiring experienced remote transcriptionists.

Their legal transcriptionists need one year or more of work experience in a law firm with word-processing and legal transcription skills.

Applicants also have to sit for a typing test. You have to pass it with a 60wpm average + 90% accuracy to get the job. Only the U.S and Canadian residents get legal transcription jobs from home at SpeakWrite.

Their transcriptionist salary is $450 on average, and some pros reach $3,400 monthly. As a renowned company, it would be great to have a remote job under a decent monthly wage.


Transcriptionist salary scales

Audio transcription rates differ from company to company and also depend on your experience as a transcriber.

Usually, the payments are calculated per recorded audio minute. For audios that are not clear, the payment rates are high as transcriptionists spend more time on those.

Transcription websites with good reviews and have a distinguished history will pay fairly for their remote transcriptionists. Therefore, do not fall into online job scams, which promise you unbelievable high rates. Though the beginner transcriptionist salary seems less, gradually, you can increase that.

Increase your typing speed and accuracy to earn more per hour.

Medical and legal transcription jobs pay more as they require professional experience, skill, and knowledge.

Depending on your expertise and skill, a typical transcriptionist’s salary may vary from $20 to $45 per hour, depending on your expertise and skills. Remote legal transcriptionists usually earn $20,000 t0 $60,000 annually. This depends on your employment type.

Before applying for legal transcription jobs…

First of all, it is crucial to understand the weight of the job. If you are new to this, browse through the internet to understand the job role and requirements.

You need knowledge and skill, as well as necessary hardware, to forward the business correctly.

Would you mind going through our list of best websites and companies hiring transcriptionists and finding your match?

Get typing jobs to improve your typing speed.

Taking online courses in transcription and getting certified is worth for a start a business as a transcriber. That will also give you proper guidance to develop your business to reach a high income.

There are many scam transcriptionist jobs all over the internet! Would you please stay away from them?

They will ask you to pay to get assignments. None of the legitimate companies asks for such prepayments once you are registered with them.

In conclusion, legal transcription jobs from home allow beginners to work flexibly with good pay.

A professional transcriber will type 50-80 words per minute with high accuracy in grammar and terminology. For a professional transcriber, it takes nearly 4-5 hours to convert one-hour audio into text.

You should be able to allocate that time daily to do the job. As a beginner, starting transcription as a side business would be wise. With time you can decide to make it your full-time home business.

If you are an experienced person in the legal field fed up with your office job, try this business. You surely will start a home business with a legit well-paying company.

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