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How to encourage customers to buy your product? Top Methods

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Customers are the most important part of a business since the profit is mainly base on customers. If customers buy more product sales and profits will increase. But, attracting customers to a business is a major problem in any business. Especially in a startup business. Types of encouraging customers mainly depend on the type of business. In this article, we mainly consider online and regular static business. There are several ways to encourage your customers to buy your products. Especially, make them trust your product as well as emphasize the uniqueness of your product. 

So let’s get a closer look at how to encourage customers to buy your product?

How to encourage customers to buy your product in regular business

Always create clear and unique descriptions of the products or services you offer at reasonable prices and without any hidden costs. 

People want to know information that will help them make the right decisions. So you need to speak the language of benefits, but be honest. Don’t promise if you can’t keep it. It is easy to fall into the customer at once. It is essential to maintaining a good relationship with your new customers.

Further, it will help you keep them longer. And, who knows, they will become ambassadors of your brand. Also, show pictures of your products or services. Take good photos. Hire a professional photographer if needed. Make sure your customers don’t buy dull or wrong products.

  • Be Natural to the customers

Customers always prefer to have natural conversations with the salesperson. They want solid answers and descriptions for their inquiries and questions that ask from a salesperson.

It’s not professional to use ready-made conversation scripts since customers think you are not confident about your product. Customers are more likely to buy when they feel an emotional relationship with the salesperson.

  • Use customer’s names during contact with a customer

Find your client’s name and use it from time to time. Many Psychological pieces of research show that people like to hear their name. On the other hand, they are more likely to have a friendly relationship when they use it.

When engaging in Polish conversation, pay attention to the proper forms. You can call the client in a convenient language or English without fear. However, in Polish, it is not easy. Therefore, before you reach the client, ask them if they agree.

This technique will help you prevent depression. If you cannot offend the clients talking by name, use the phrase “Mr / Miss.” 

  • Let your customer know that the quality of your product than those offered by competitors

It is essential to highlight the advantages of a product or service provided by your company. Often, customers ask questions about the product to explore the market.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity, emphasize that your offer is better (because it gives access to certain functions, activates personalization, is technically superior). It is cheaper than the competitor (e.g., worth using specific values ​​here, e.g., at 15%).

If the offer is not reasonable, then it is more complicated. You can always mention that the customer gets a better product at a slightly higher price.

  • Mention the positive features of the customer

When you talk to a client, try to highlight the importance of one:

You are one of our best clients


It’s a pleasure to do business with you

Using this, you encourage the customer to be the best customer!.

Psychologists showed that some of the clients’ positives during the conversation. If they mention our attitude towards them, they will try to act accordingly.

  • Present yourself as a business representative

Don’t introduce yourself as a business consultant if you do not work as one or handle your position and lie. However, there is a vast difference between representing a professional representing a company and behaving like a general push sales agent.

Don’t be a salesperson who remembers a walking catalog of products or services. Do not be a seller who reads a list of items in the stock and does not consider customer wants. Instead, this kind of sales box focuses only on how to make the customer buy your product.

Think of yourself as a specialist with a great deal of knowledge. After all, you have experience in the industry you represent, you have a general overview of your sector, and customers know only part of it.

Use your hard-earned knowledge to make your recommendations. Provide new information to your customers. It’s not just about playing for a sales story.

When you realize the experience, you have and start believing in yourself more than before. Then you will become more confident, and your words will have the power of persuasion. You don’t have to think about convincing people to buy a product; use your knowledge.

  • Provide a bonus to impress your customer

People like bonuses. They help build positive emotions around your brand, and prizes and gifts make customers happy and appreciative. As a result, customers will attach these positive emotions to your brand, and you will never forget them.

Collect samples, use a creative packaging system. Also, add a funny note or extras that your customer has not paid for, but they can be useful.

Essentially, do anything to distinguish you from other similar sellers. Be unique and thoughtful. But remember to target your customers appropriately, and then there are no “fake passes.”

  • Consider on Customer well being

If you want to sell your product to a customer, you have to make them happy. For that, you can ask about their well-being when you introduce yourself.

Researches also revealed that sales increase in businesses, which asks about the well-being of the customers. Customers also prefer to buy products and visit salespersons who consider their well-being.

  • Give a chance to your Customer to decide the next step

You can ask customers about the next steps to buying goods. It is a psychological way to convince customers to purchase products. Get customer ideas by asking,

What would you like to do next?

So then he thinks of you as a consultant rather than a salesperson.

Further, you can give some options to choose from them. This can consider as a more positive way to convince customers because they may feel that they also have a chance for decision making.

  • Maintain a proper return policy

When there is an issue with a product, customers try to return the goods. If you have better and easy return policy customers, do not have to suffer on that. If customers have a proper way to return the items, they are more likely to buy expensive products.

  • Extended Warranties

Warranty is one factor that makes the trustworthiness of a product. If products are in a long or extended warranty period, customers feel that they are of high quality. And of course, it makes them more confident in buying products.

  • Promotions

Sales promotions help to encourage customers to buy products more. There are various types of sales promotions. Some of them are free samples, advertising, coupons, trade shows, recognition programs. All these strategies may help to increase sales since customers prefer some unique things.

  • Free Trials

Free trials are one of the best ways to encourage customers to buy products. Don’t think this is an expense for the business. Because if your product is in good condition, after the trial, the Customer will buy this. This helps to increase trust in the product.

How to encourage customers to buy your product online business

  • Make sense of Urgency

It is vital when you create a sense of Urgency; you should open and transparent about yourself. Also, you should need to truthful about what you sell.

But still, there is no ruled line against creating a sense of Urgency to make expectations of shopping your products.

Most customers respond positively to encourage that create a sense of Urgency because of some sensitive special offers to products. Some strategic plan that can achieve this in as many different ways as products you can buy online can be more effective than others. 

If you do not offer a limited edition product to incentive prospects, you could provide an incentive to customers financially. 

  • Give answers to Every Question and Address Every Objection related to sales and products

One of the most dangerous things you can do when trying to sell online is to make assumptions about your potential customers’ product, service, or market knowledge.

Therefore many companies mistakenly believe that their customers are more aware of what they are selling. The result of that is a failure to address unanswered questions or objections. Both of them can damage sales and your image.

Consider every question you may have about your product and answer your copy on your product pages. Similarly, think of every possible objection to a candidate about your offer and avoid it in your copy.

While this may not seem practical, remember, you do not bombard expectations with unnecessary information. It would help if you gave them exactly what they need to make a conscious decision.

This approach is an excellent exercise in writing a solid, clear, concise script. If you are worried that there is too much copy, you can always reduce it. Always consider customer and how it benefits them. Do not focus on why your company is so great.

  • Offer a wide range of payment methods

You can offer many payment methods for your customers. Well, at that time, your customers will satisfy because they choose the easiest one for them. You can provide services such as taking credit cards, Google Wallet payments, or Apple Pay.  

You are creating an easier way to prospect to take money from customers by offering them more choices for an item. It is including newer services that are becoming famous fast on a mobile phone.

If you include all these options as payment methods, it can be hard to optimize your site. But also it is helping you to increase online sales significantly.

  • Always use high-Quality Product Images

There is strong evidence that well-presented food tastes better. Considering how important appearance is, you think investing in quality product photography will have a similar impact on your site visitors.

No matter what you sell, include high-quality pictures of your products. Do not use small thumbnails or poorly lit shots in your wholesale room. Try always to include a wide range of images of products.

Incorporating visuals into your products may seem overwhelming from every possible angle. But give it a try. Before buying, especially online, people like to kick the proverbial product tire.

  • Target Facebook based audiences

There are some better ways to increase online sales. It is to find data about your existing customers and similar people. Facebook is open-source. You can target your existing customers through Facebook.

You can share your data through Facebook and cross-refer to it as data to create competitions based on the criteria you specify. To build a similar audience, you can also use tracking pixels and data from the app installation.

This is a better way to collect or create data on your existing customers. It is allowing you to expand your access significantly with minimal effort and use a higher target. You can also target a Facebook audience that is very similar to your existing clients.

  • Provide a refund Guarantee for your consumers

Often, the strongest factor in a consumer’s decision not to buy something is the avoidance of risk. But the desire is to avoid possible loss. Usually, this risk is financial.

Why should someone buy your products? What if they do not work or the customer does not like them? Sometimes small purchases can carry the risk of “buyer’s remorse.” Then overcome this objection from the outset by offering a bulletproof refund.

The more risk you take from the candidate’s decision, the more likely they will buy from you. So remove anything you can avoid buying.

  • Give away some gifts as much as possible

People love what you get for free, and the more you give for free. The more profitable prospective customers will understand you and your brand. It will lead to more online sales.

Look at your current offerings. Can you give me anything for free? If you’re in the software business, it’s easy to offer your software free, irresponsible testing. Even if you do not, you can easily offer incentives based on samples, trial membership, two offers per person, and other benefits.

Giving away things for free is not only an excellent way to improve people’s understanding of your business. But it is also a great way to introduce them to the products you have. 

It would be best if you motivated them to buy more.

  • Increase the number of Online Sales with Mobile Optimization

The number of online businesses with poorly designed, poorly optimized “mobile” sites is staggering.

Mobile search has already exceeded the desktop search volume. Unless you want to put it on the sales table, optimizing your website for mobile is essential. It is not from a technical standpoint.

Therefore make it as easy as possible for mobile visitors to buy anything you sell. This may include extensive modification of your exit process or designing and launching a completely separate mobile website. 

The most critical elements of a well-designed, highly optimized mobile experience include navigation and user experience. It is hard for visitors to find and buy what they want. And the more likely they are to leave your site altogether and move their business elsewhere.

Pages should load quickly, and navigation should be logical. Don’t ask for too much information. You just want to sell or give the market to expectations later. Allow guests to access their carts later, even from another device.

Don’t expect mobile visitors to convert in one session as they will most likely. But the thing is, if you make it easy for them, they will turn up later.

Think about your mobile guests and do everything you can to make it easier for them to buy from you as they go.


In summary, getting potential customers to be your customers and trustworthy people is not an easy task. Even if you make a strong action plan based on the above, you may still be positively surprised by the results.

Keep in touch with your customers. Support them not only at the beginning. Keep it throughout the process. Do not make mistakes. Deliver on time. Keep your promises. Make your employees your brand ambassadors too. Stand out from the crowd and go beyond the regulars.

And also, show your customers how much you care about them. When you show loyalty to your customers, return, they will show you their stuff. All your efforts will pay off in the long run.

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