Data entry is many things. You can interpret it in ways that suit you.

It is an industry in which one adds, deletes, and edits electronic data. There are many ways of doing data entry. Entering raw data into a database, adding numbers on an electronic accounting platform, mark transactions within a day are some of the ways you can do data entry.

The data entry operator’s work requires handling data, editing, and organizing them as demanded and using electronic devices and systems to enter data.

In this industry, there are many payment methods, such as cash payments, account transfers, standing orders, etc. However, it is an excellent industry to work in if you are good at your keyboard skills. Here are 20 best data entry jobs from home without investment.

  1. Data entry clerk is one of the best data entry jobs from home without investment


If you want to work from home, data entry clerk is one of the data entry jobs you can opt for. A data entry clerk requires basic computer literacy and administrative skills.

General office standards skills with official data entry work are what a data entry clerk does. While a lot of companies have in-house date entry clerks, due to technology, the job can be done at home without any issue.

Thank goodness for the internet, data entry clerk has become one of the legist online jobs that can earn you money without prior investment. If you go to or, you will be able to many companies hiring online data entry clerks.

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  1. Data entry keyer


You can do data entry work from home as a data entry keyer without investing any money.

The primary role of a data entry keyer is to scan figures, texts, and numbers into various software systems. It is one of the easiest ways to earn from home. You can easily apply on websites such as or for data entry keyers.

All you need is a few hours to spare during the day to work from home and send documents to the required person via email or other means.

  1. Data entry operator


Data entry operators are generally responsible for transferring data into different computer systems. They maintain data, records, and other information in a systematic format for later use.

In modern days, there are so many online data entry jobs that offer a good salary. You can sit in the freedom of your house and work at the same time.

Websites such as or are some of the famous sites that post a lot of data entry vacancies for those who like to work from home. You need absolutely no investment in starting a data entry operator position online.

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  1. Data entry assistant


Most of the jobs in this category include assisting a managerial person who requires someone to manage data. When helping to maintain data, a person has to always be on alert in order to facilitate the person you are reporting to.

All the information and data required a data entry assistant has to manage. Most of the job profile requires computer literacy and the necessary administrative skills.

Remote data entry assistants are in high demand, and you can quickly apply for them online.

It is famous as part-time data entry jobs because many individuals who like to earn as a part-timer can make a quick buck with this. and are some of the best websites that offer data entry assistant jobs.

  1. Transcriptionist


Transcriptionists listen to recordings and then transcribe them into information and data in computer systems or paper.

Usually, in a word processing program, the transcriptionist transfers all the data as they listen to the recording.

Most online jobs from home suit private clients or companies and transcribe data from letters, records, text materials, or business reports. and offer great transcriptionist job opportunities.

  1. Word processor


Word processors work on information that is used in mailing labels, reports, and other business reports.

Usually, word processors use a keyboard and a word processing program to work. You can do this at home and earn some money, even if you are a housewife.

You can work online from home and get paid without doing a 9 to 5 job. Word processors proofread their work before sending them off to the client. This is a data entry job for someone who is capable of working in a word processing system.

If you search for an ‘online typing job,’ you can get plenty of opportunities as a word processor. You can find word processor jobs on sites such as and

  1. Medical coding


Medical coding is a very rare type of data entry job that requires medical knowledge. There are plenty of medical professionals who are at home because of other commitments, without being able to work.

Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to work your medical knowledge into something productive. Medical coding is transcribing health diagnoses and procedures.

Medical data entry jobs are very rare and are very high in demand. is one of the best websites that have medical coding jobs from home.

  1. Payroll data entry operator


It is one of the common types of entry-level data entry jobs that require almost no specialized knowledge.

Anyone with the necessary computer skills can become a payroll data entry operator. All you need to do is maintain and enter employee data, allowances, salary details, etc. in the computer system. Is data entry hard? Not in this case.

You can go to, or to get yourself a payroll data entry job to work from home.

  1. Cleaning of data


Cleaning of data is also called data cleansing or data scrubbing. The job here is to remove, edit, or clear erroneous data from a database, system, or a table.

It is one of the easiest data entry jobs from home, and you can do it without any prior investment.

There are many companies that require data entry professionals who work remotely to clear their data. and have a lot of vacancies for the cleaning of data.

  1. Online form-filling


Usually, online form filling requires a lot of attention.

The job requires you to enter data separately on the online form provided. Often, the client provides the employee with the online form template along with an enormous list of data to fill separately. It is easy for you if you are good at typing and concentrating.

You should be careful not to enter the wrong data on the wrong form. It is one of the virtual data entry jobs that you can do from home. and are among the top websites that have online form-filling opportunities.

  1. Online survey-filling


Surveys are questionnaires that take between 5 and 15 minutes to fill, depending on the length of the questionnaire.

For instance, is one of the best sites you can sign up for, to complete surveys.

Most companies need to know how customers feel through their feedback surveys. You can make a reasonable sum of money with online survey filling work from home jobs.

You can go to or are find yourself an excellent online survey-filling opportunity.

  1. Copy & paste jobs


In this job profile, you do not have to type a lot. Instead, you have to copy from one file and paste it on another.

There is a lot of reading to do; hence knowledge in the language is vital. Legitimate online jobs home-based are of many kinds, including this one.

It is easy, yet a little challenging job when it comes to concentration. But you can very well earn a quick buck with this job. posts a lot of advertisements for copy & paste jobs.

  1. Captcha entry


Captchas are images containing texts, numbers, or alphanumeric data.

Captcha entry freelance data entry jobs allow you to earn money to transfer captcha’s data into a document. Companies that are into publishing and printing require a lot of captcha entry professionals in their companies.

You can sign up with one of them to work from home and enjoy the additional income. is one of the top sites that offer captcha entry opportunities.

  1. Captioning


Captioning is rather a rare data entry job compared to other types of data entry jobs.

Here, you need to add captions, heading, and headlines to images, videos, and contexts.

Most media channels and multimedia industries require captioning professionals to work on their substance. But finding the right place for this job can be challenging.

However, the job is quite rewarding, as it is a demanding job role. You can find captioning jobs on or

  1. Re-formatting and correction


Most of the reformatting jobs include correction, aligning, and changing fonts in a document.

Formatting a document to a particular standard with the right division of paragraphs with correct alignment and font style and size is what is expected of a person who is doing this job.

You can easily do this at home without having to work in an office. You can find these legit online jobs that pay weekly online and stay home while earning. There are many opportunities for and

  1. Editing and formatting


Editing requires a higher standard of any language you are dealing with. Not only will you be editing the spelling mistakes, but you will also correct grammar as an editor.

You have to possess excellent editing skills in order to edit and format the whole document.

If you are wondering how to do data entry with editing, it is one of the main aspects of a data entry professional to be thorough with the language. There are many editing jobs you can find on or

  1. Image to text – data entry


Image to text data entry jobs requires you to read what is in the image and type it on a word document or a notepad.

You have to have excellent typing skills and reading skills for this job. Legitimate data entry jobs home-centered are jobs like these where you have the freedom of time to do it.

You need to have the proper concentration to read what is in the text and put it into a document. There are many jobs like these that you can find online. is among the first sites to upload these kinds of job opportunities.

  1. Audio to text – data entry work from home


Audio to text jobs is the ones where you listen to a recording and type what is in the recording into a document.

Charity organizations, colleges, and other industries that deal with records require people to do audio-to-text jobs remotely from home. It is a bit advanced compared to other data entry jobs as it requires excellent listening skills.

You need to listen to each and every word carefully in order to type them into a document. You can find these jobs on or

  1. Email processing


Email processing is one of the online jobs from home that pay well.

Here, you have to process a large number of emails and get their content into an Excel spreadsheet. It is more than regular typing as you have to categorize the emails and segregate them into different spreadsheets. and are some of the most famous websites for email processing job opportunities.

  1. Updating database – remote data entry jobs


Databases that include Name, Email ID, Phone Number, Date of birth, etc. need to be updated regularly.

Different companies have different kinds of databases that have various types of information about either employees or clients. Updating databases is a job you can do from home without any investment. and have many database jobs that you can do from home.

Wrapping up

There are many data entry jobs from home without investment if you search carefully.

Working from home has become a new way of earning. It has many advantages as you have the liberty to be around your family and earn.

For those waiting on exam results, homemakers and individuals that want to work from home can apply for these data entry jobs from home without investment and earn a side income, or perhaps the primary income, depending on the kind of data entry job you choose.

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