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Cheapest general liability insurance for small business

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The safety of the business is the most important thing. And hey, it does not simply stick to the medical world. You should consider it an important statement that governs almost all of your life decisions. Such is true to what you will do to ensure the safety of your business. Getting yourself the cheapest general liability insurance small business should be at the top of your plan to protect your business from all the possible “general” damages. Getting your business insurance is an integral part of the project to protect your business.

Precaution is better than cure!

Most of the time, what you get is general damages. The risk of getting property damage is much higher than getting fire damage or flood damage. So, if you were to think practically, you will understand that the best thing you can do is getting general liability insurance.

But even though we say that you should get such insurance, it is not that easy. It would be even harder for you if you did not know what it meant.

So here, we present this article to remove all such troubles. We shall guide you through everything that you need to know!

So, welcome to your ultimate guide on getting the cheapest general liability insurance for your small business!

Learn what is general liability insurance before the cheapest general liability insurance small business

General liability insurance typically covers bodily injuries and property damages. Most of the time, they provide you with the medical fees and the attorney fees related to such accidents. It is required for commercial leases and contracts.

It covers not only you but also the customers and the customer properties.

The injuries covered by the general liability insurance could occur due to the operation of the business.


Say that your products caused damage to a person or his property. Then you are most probably entitled to get yourself a claim if you have general liability insurance. But you should take note that you can claim only if such occurrences occurred on the business premises.

You cannot merely get a claim because your products caused an allergy to a person. This does not fall under the applications that are provided by the insurance.

But if a product on a shelf falls on a person walking in the store, you might be able to get yourself a claim.

The list of things you are entitled to claim for is enormous, and we shall talk about it in the next sections!

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Why should you get liability insurance for small business?

When you are doing business, you need to think about many things.

The market does not simply stop when you start earning profit. You cannot ignore the risks that you are bringing on to yourself with the operation of the company.

On such occasions, business liability insurances cover your needs.

When it comes to any business, they need something to protect the company assets and sign necessary contracts. You cannot simply ignore the fact that your business might get some unexpected lawsuit.

On the other hand, you will sometimes need to sign essential deals with new clients.

You might think about expanding your business by renting more commercial space. And above all, you need to find a way to avoid getting bankrupt!

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Cheap small business insurance will not only cover you in all of the above requirements. It will also guarantee that you are safe in whatever future step you take.

The following are some of the common aspects of businesses who seek general liability insurances:

  1. They have a business location open for the general public.
  2. They interact with people on a job site.
  3. The company handles client property.
  4. They rent business spaces.
  5. They sell products to customers.
  6. The companies advertise or market their products.
  7. They use social media to interact with people.
  8. They have an active internet presence.

If your business has all or a few of the above features, then you should definitely not wait for second thoughts.

General liability insurance protects the home business, the contractor, and the small business whenever needed.

What is professional liability insurance?

When people think about the insurances for small businesses, people think about one other type than general liability insurances. They are professional liability insurances.

Professional liability insurance is insurance that protects the professionals working in an organization. People such as accountants, lawyers, and physicians working in business might also need guarantees.

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This insurance covers the negligence claims and other claims initiated by the clients. If your company has a professional who has expertise in a single, specific area, you should consider going for professional liability insurance.

The general liability insurances do not cover the requirements of individual professionals.

A few of such requirements that would need something more specific than general liability insurance are as follows:

  • Negligence
  • Malpractice
  • Misrepresentation
  • Errors and omissions
  • Other claims made by clients.

General liability insurance and professional liability insurance are the same in a few ways. They are designed to protect businesses against liabilities. They also provide the ability to meet contractual requirements.

But the general liability is designed to cover physical and bodily damages. Professional liability covers the professional aspects, and the other errors made while working.

What is commercial liability insurance?

Business insurance coverages have many names. You might get confused due to the names that are used to name the general liability insurances.

But do not get confused, mate! Commercial liability insurances are the same as public liability insurances.

The general liability coverage given by commercial liability insurance and public liability insurance is absolutely the same.

It is merely another name used to call the same insurance program!

What are the other types of small business insurance?

When it comes to small business insurance, liability insurance coverage comes with many aspects.

The most important thing that you should do is understanding insurance. You need to consider the ones that you will need to focus on the critical insurance types.

There are eight main small business insurance types that you need to know before actually getting insurance. They are:

  1. Commercial general liability: Covers both bodily injuries and physical damages. Best if you are considering getting single insurance for your company.
  2. Business interruption insurance: Help small businesses recover after natural disasters and such.
  3. Product liability insurance: If your business provides products, this insurance safeguards them in times of damages.
  4. Professional liability insurance: Protects the professional activities carried out in your business, especially if you are providing professional services and not products.
  5. Cyber risk coverage: Covers from the risks of any cyber-attacks.
  6. Equipment breakdown insurance: Protects the equipment used in your company.
  7. Commercial property insurance: Protects the property in which your business built-in.
  8. Commercial auto insurance: Covers the claims for your business vehicle.

You do not have to get all these insurances for your small business.

You have to consider the possible risks that your company can face. Then go through the above list once again and decide what suits most of your requirements.

What is the best cheapest small business insurance?

When you are looking for insurance for your small business, you must consider the ones that will be best and cheap.

Given below is a list of general liability insurances that are both good and cheap.

  • Cover Hound

This is the best overall general liability insurance provider that you can find in the market. They provide cheap public liability insurance to all those small business owners in any industry. There is no limitation to who can apply and who can gain insurance coverage.

  • Hiscox 

If you are an Artisan contractor working independently, this one suits you. You might have to go to the client’s homes and business locations. And you need coverage for both your work and safety.

  • Liberty mutual 

If you have a restaurant or any food establishment, this one suits you the best. It covers the company, the equipment as well as the liquor liability with your insurance.

  • State farm 

This company is famous among manicurists and other beauticians. If you are considering combining the general liability and product coverage together in your insurance, this is the best!

  • The Hartford 

Hartford is famous among the offices that offer legal, accounting, and other financial services. They cover professional liability insurance in a much cheaper but outstanding manner.

Apart from the top five, here is one more company you need to check out!

  • Farmers insurance 

This is good for companies that have retail locations.

They are also suitable for good wholesale providers. They have a product liability insurance plan that suits both these groups, and their general liability insurance costs are absolutely low.

When getting insurance, you should not only stick to the price scheme. A cheap insurance company can look pretty appealing, but you need to be sure that they are trustworthy too.

Many companies claim to be the cheapest and the best. But how can you be sure that they do not have any hidden charges? How can you assure that they are telling the truth?

Therefore, it is best to stick with the ones that have the best reviews.

What are the best business insurance quotes for small businesses?

Business insurance cost is an important thing that you need to consider when getting general liability insurance.

You have to think about the monthly value that you have to pay. Also, keep track of the services they provide to you.

The above companies are known for giving the best quotes. But if you think you need to search more, you can try the following companies too.

  • Chubb insurance
  • CNA insurance 
  • AIG insurance 
  • All state insurance 
  • Nationwide insurance 

Consider the following aspects when choosing the best insurance company for your business

  1. The experience of the company in the insurance field.
  2. The type of coverage that the insurance provides you
  3. Is the provider able to cover all your assets’ liabilities and damages?
  4. Is it adequate if your company was at any risk?
  5. What are the claims processing options available for you? Are there any online tools?
  6. How long will it take to get the claim?
  7. What are the other insurance options available from the company?
  8. How have the people reviewed the company? Is there any negative feedback? Will the things mentioned in the negative feedbacks affect you in any manner?

Here are some final words about getting yourself the cheapest general liability insurance small business!

Now you know that you definitely require general liability insurance to assure the safety of your business.

Doing a small business is not as easy as working in a company. Your entire assets are in the small business; you do not have branches or other networks. The equipment that you have and the other details are precious.

So, in such cases, you will definitely not be able to face threats caused to your small business, especially when we are considering the natural damages and other causes.

Even the most uncomplicated lawsuit can take away your attention and bring a considerable decrease in your revenue.

So, to make sure that your business runs properly even during the harshest distress times, you need insurance.

Cheap general liability insurance will not only be able to suit your budget.

It will also help you to sleep tight at night. Because, hey, you know that your business is safe! You know that you have a backup plan because the insurance is there! So, pick the insurance type that will suit you a hundred percent to ensure that your small business is safe!

Getting business liability insurance coverage should always be the priority when ensuring the safety of your business. It is not an easy-peasy thing! But with the help of a good insurance company, it will not be hard either!

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