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Can references be from the same company? Yes. But…

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Can references be from the same company? When you are seeking a new job, you must spend a considerable amount of time on your resume. The resume plays a crucial role in your job search. A resume helps showcase your skills, experience, and competencies in a matter of a few pages. It also helps to recruit managers to make the best decision about the interviewees. Hence it is essential to structure your resume in the best possible manner. 

Can references be from the same company?

References are used can depend on the person’s situation. If you are right after graduation, it is best to use a faculty member, colleague, or someone close to you. If you have worked in a single organization, you can use multiple references from different roles or departments of the same company.

References are one of the most crucial factors considered during the recruitment process. The standard practice is to include at least three references in the resume. The number of references can vary based on the nature and experience of the applicant. 

Excellent references can increase the chances of an individual getting hired for the job. And here are some of the essential facts you need to consider when adding references to the resume.

The article will also discuss whether multiple references from the same company could be used in the resume.

Importance of references in a resume

Job references play an essential role in the interview process. It helps employers of organizations understand whether you are suitable for a specific purpose or not. A recommendation by your reference and excellent performance can help a candidate get through an interview. References can also be a unique way to showcase your skills, competencies, credibility, and professionalism. 

Recruiting managers will look for how you have worked with your co-workers and know if you can be recommended. References can provide real-world proof of your value as an employee. 

Including more than one reference from the same company 

One of the most frequently asked questions in job references is if the references can be from the same company. Do employers want to see multiple or two references from the same company or various jobs? 

The answer to these questions is, ‘it depends.’ Some of the employers, in general, would prefer to see more than one past position in the reference list. Absence can suggest that it was the only place the interviewee was successful. It can build a negative impression on the candidate during the interview process.

However, the scenario can be different if the candidate is fresh to the corporate world. Similarly, if the candidate has worked only in one organization, the references can be from a single company. If so, “can I use 2 references from the same company?” read on.

Nevertheless, the candidate can get creative when including references in the resume. They can look for several other options when choosing references.

Some examples are a colleague, a person you have worked closely with, a leader from the past, etc. On the contrary, certain organizations do not bother whether the references are from the same company or not.

As a whole, your reference list should be able to vouch for your competencies, skills, and experience. 

Recommendations on adding references from the same or different companies


Candidates need to be able to add glowing references to the resume to obtain the job of their dreams. It will help the candidate to gain the edge and shine over the tight competition. Below are a few essential tips that candidates can use to add the right reference to their resume.

  • Individuals with less or no experience 

Using a faculty member or a professor would be appropriate for individuals who are right after graduate school. This is applicable for candidates with less experience as well. A professor or a senior lecturer will be a better option than using a few references from the same organization. If you held a volunteer position, you could use one of them as a reference as well. 

If you have done only an internship or a part-time job, one of your references could be your primary manager. You can also reach out to one of the senior people from the same or a different department. 

  • Individuals with service in a single organization 

A reference from applicable volunteer work will be useful in the case of a candidate with long service in one organization. Moreover, you can also pick a colleague or a co-worker who is willing to serve as a reference.

Furthermore, the candidate can choose a person whom he has worked with before. This reference can now be moved to a different job or even can be retired. 

If you use multiple references from one organization, it will be appropriate to use references from different departments.

The references can serve different roles within the company. Moreover, they can be individuals who have worked with you in various capacities. These references will be able to provide constructive feedback for you from multiple facets of work. The recommendations must be from individuals who are in senior positions to you in the company. 

  • Individuals with experience in different organizations 

Generally, an employer can ask for three references from a candidate. It is better if you can have various references from different organizations.

Different employers, you have worked with will be able to provide an excellent recommendation about you from diverse perspectives. Employers will prefer to talk to references that will give feedback that would apply to the job they need you to do.

If all the references are from the same organization, the recommendations you will get will be similar and monotonous. Hence it is better to add several references from different organizations to your resume.  These references will provide positive feedback on your performance and behavior from different facets of work.  


Asking for a reference is an integral part of your job searching process. A useful reference can help you to reach the position you want. It will promote a winning attitude while enhancing your credibility and professionalism. Some employers will not mind having multiple references from the same company.

On the contrary, most of the companies prefer to see references from different organizations or perspectives. However, you need to ensure that your references represent your accurate skills and experience. It will enhance the chance of getting the job of your dreams.

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